Thursday, 3 November 2016

People comes and go.

Learn to trust of what I should not trust. People said, love all but trust few. That is why I'm trying to do. Learn to trust some people even if it's only few. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for keep sending me a new friends. I'm not going to put any high expectation on them, but I feel so grateful to have them as my friends. Their presence give me some more energy and the reasons for me to smile. Actually, Allah give everything. It's only me who didn't notice form the first. I'm the one who close the door, wait for someone and expect them to come to knock the door while myself never open and give a chance ? I've been broken, why should I break another heart ? In every friendship or whatever of relationship that I've, my hope is only that we can get over along this journey. If we have to separate with our own way because of something that we can't avoid. Then, let's meet each other in the future at the place where is all people are not going to break each other. Which is, Jannah. If I can tell them, I want to give a really special thanks to them for coming. If they are going to leave, I'll take that as a normal thing to happen. Because, the nature of life. People comes and go.