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self-inflicting pain.

Love is a hard concept and I think part of me will always love you at least, I’ll always love who I remember you to be when we were together. I’m not longer in love with you, but I still love you. Do you understand that? I don’t get butterflies anymore when I hear your name. My stomach doesn’t twist  when someone brings your name up into a conversation. I don’t feel like I’m getting hit in the chest anymore when I see a picture of you. That’s what letting go is. It’s moving on with my life without you. It took me a while to get here, maybe even longer than it should have, but I made it. The days turned to weeks, which turned to months and eventually years. I couldn’t accept the idea of living without you. I couldn’t think how I could ever love someone that wasn’t you. I couldn’t pick up the pieces of my heart that you shattered. Until I could. Until I kept practicing how to heal on my own, until I decided hanging on to you, someone who wasn’t coming back was doing more damage than goo…